Gear for Summer: The Spirit Of The Mountains

Outdoor Gear That's Kind to the Outdoors

Always Eco-Friendly

Using the world's most innovative materials.

Ultra Versatile

Beat it up during the day. Dress it up at night.

Ethically Manufactured

In Fair Labor, Fair Trade, WRAP-Certified and/ or Woman-Owned facilities

Gear That Gives Back

Every sale helps to support clean rivers and healthy eco-systems.

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Hemp. On Your Head.

Durable and breathable, we're looking forward to elevating your expectations on how a hat should perform.

Our Philosophy

We make eco-friendly gear that's got you covered, no matter where your day takes you.

Designed To Do More

Your gear should never restrict you. Look good, feel great, and get after it!

It Starts With The Materials

We source the world's most innovative, eco-friendly materials and build outward from there.

Beat It Up, Then Dress It Up

We know you live an active lifestyle, so we make gear that allows you to get from one activity to the next, uninterrupted.

Preserve What You Love Podcast

Our very own podcast highlighting the intersection of passion and conservation.