Our Manufacturing

Everything we’re working towards as a brand- our mission to help preserve what we (and you) love most- is meaningless if we don’t assure that our global partners are afforded the same standards that we are accustomed to ourselves.

For us, these are non-negotiable.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Our motto is "outdoor gear that is kind to the outdoors." This all starts with the materials, where we begin by considering the environmental impacts of each, and build outward from there.

Ethical Manufacturing
Your gear is made by highly-skilled adults that experience fair wages and work hours, in safe and harassment-free conditions. We have been onsite to personally assess each facility that we work with.
Constant Innovation

Hats made of hemp, button-downs made of eucalyptus trees, outerwear made from recycled fishing nets. We are always looking to push the boundaries of what's possible, and bring you the world's most revolutionary materials.

Our Process

It starts with the materials, and we build outward from there. At Wise River, we are deliberate in the fabrics that we source. We strive to create pieces that have many uses and perform in multiple settings. In order to create a diverse assortment to cover your daily life, it requires careful consideration of which materials go into each product. It all begins with the base fabric. If it’s not of eco-friendly origins, we’re not interested. We look for materials that perform throughout the phases of your day, and stand the test of time. We want you to stay comfortable in our gear, while trusting that it maintains the durability to hold up for years to come.

Our Promise

The welfare of our partners in terms of having access to a safe and harassment-free work zone, along with access to fair wages and living standards is of paramount importance to us as a brand. We are committed to ensuring social welfare throughout our entire supply chain, from concept to end product... and every single facet in between. Wise River currently works with two primary facilities located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and Richmond, BC, Canada. Both factories are women- owned, and Wise River leadership has been onsite to tour each facility, meet with each respective management team, and assess the work environment.