Why Wise River?

Why Wise River?

We all have those places. Those scenes that consume you in an entirely innate and powerful fashion. The natural beauty draws you in, and the authenticity keeps you longing to go back. For me, it's Wise River.

I remember it like it was yesterday, my first trip out to Wise River, Montana.

When you think of Montana, you’re generally reminded of the old west. The original final frontier. The pleasantly mysterious locale dubbed as the “last best place.” I remember being on the plane and gazing out the window with childish joy. “Is that the Clark Fork River? No, it’s got to be the Madison.”

From Butte down to Divide, you quickly understand why they call it Big Sky country, as the picturesque landscape extends to where the textured clouds and fortified rows of sagebrush merge into one.

Then you arrive at Highway 43.

I remember crossing the Big Hole River and embarking on my journey alongside it. It felt like I was lost, but in the best way possible. I began surveying my surroundings - the towering canyon walls, birds of prey soaring overhead, the tumbling cobalt-blue water of the Big Hole forging its way around a pinball field of boulders. It seemed that each turn on the stubbornly windy road brought on a new adventure, and I was content to take it all in.

17 miles later, you get to Wise River. You’ve got the post office, the mercantile, your classic western roadhouse - the Wise River Club, and miles of inviting, pristine terrain. And that’s all you need.

In Wise River, you forget about the trials and troubles of everyday life. There’s a rugged authenticity that you’re inherently drawn to embrace, and you willingly turn off your acquired societal norms. Everything else just seems… unimportant. From the sapphire lakes nestled in the pioneer mountains to the abundance of natural hot springs, or tossing that perfect cast to a rising brown trout, you’re eager to experience it all. It’s a cogent reminder that there’s just so much out there to explore, and it’s not simply a manufactured novelty - it’s genuine.

The thing is, everybody has their own Wise River- a place where you go to unwind, kick back, challenge yourself, or share good times with your friends. You may have realized it years ago, or it still may be out there, waiting to be discovered. Whatever it may be, it’s a spot you’re willing to fight to protect.


For me, there’s nothing that embodies the spirit of our brand better than Wise River. We design gear to get you out doing what you love, in the places that are most important to you. As such, it’s our collective responsibility to preserve these sacred grounds. Our exclusive focus of using eco-friendly materials assures that the clothing we make causes no unnecessary harm to our planet.

We continue to build partnerships with environmental and social groups that are doing great things out there, and have pledged our commitment to them. We are deliberate in the fabrics we source, and we cut them in clean, versatile styles. In the end, we want you to get more out of your clothing and remain comfortable, no matter where your adventures take you.

Most importantly, we’re a brand founded on respect. Respect for our community, our partners, and the natural beauty that surrounds us. We have vetted our suppliers to make sure that the incredibly talented people making your clothes are doing so under fair and safe working conditions, and are paid a living wage. Ultimately, we’re committed to giving back while we move forward.

We’re grateful to have you follow along on the journey so far, and we’re beyond excited to see it all come together. Thanks for all your support, and stay tuned for awesome things to come.

Nick, Founder